What do we offer

NLP Practitioner

During the 10 days NLP Practitioner In a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner training, you'll learn how to understand and improve communication, behavior, and personal growth. You will learn how to eliminate and replace limiting believes, effectively setting goals. This includes skills like effective speaking, reading body language, and using strategies for self-improvement and helping others. It's about enhancing how you connect and interact with people.

The Best 0f Silva and NLP

The Best of Silva and NLP training is a self-help and personal development program that focuses on relaxation, visualization, and meditation techniques. By guided meditations it enhances human potential and improves various aspects of life, such as health, creativity, and problem-solving. Participants are taught to enter a deeply relaxed state of meditation in which they can access their inner resources, set goals, and reprogram their beliefs.

One on one Coaching

Supercharge your private and business life with one on one NLP coaching! Discover the keys to effective communication, eliminate limiting beliefs, and achieve peak performance. Our skilled NLP coaches will help you rewire your mind for success, enhancing your relationships, career, and personal growth. Unleash your full potential through Neuro Linguistic Programming coaching.

Silva for Kids

With the Silva Method you give your child something extra. They become aware of the power of their thoughts and how they can use them in daily practice. They learn how to understand, influence and (sometimes) solve everyday things, at home, on the street and at school, with a positive approach.