maart 9, 2019


Michiel Paulus is the multi-talented and always learning founder and coach/trainer of NLP Davao.

After high school Michiel Paulus started his study at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Netherlands. He graduated for classic guitar in 1996.

Already before he was studying at the Conservatory was interested in psychology. What attracts him in NLP is that NLP-coaching is based on the outcome, the desired state in the future. This means that digging in a sometimes traumatic past is not are almost not necessary (NLP is towards bound).

Michiel likes to work with people, helps them to grow and get the best out of them. He kept on learning after the Conservatory, and got his degree to teach in high school and elementary school. His interest in the close harmony motivated him to follow the three years course for choir conductor.

 In his thirties he got familiar with NLP, first reading books from the library and soon after that starting with the NLP-Practitioner. NLP has touched him and  he proceeded with Master-Practitioner, Post Master Practitioner and NLP Coach of which he had certifications.

He also accomplished to finish the course Ericksonian Hypnosis and traditional hypnosis. Milton Erickson was a great hypnotherapist who had a big influence on NLP.

Besides his activities in music he started personal coaching and trainings in The Netherlands.

Once in the Philippines, he immigrated in 2015 to Davao City he did not stop his activities and started the guitar and piano lessons again. In 2018 he was invited to start to teach classic guitar at U.I.C Davao at the Conservatory of Music. Together with the dean of the faculty he organized workshops NLP for the students to cope with stage fright and exam fear.

It was the beginning of a series of empowering NLP workshops special created for the students.

At this moment July 2019, the first certified NLP Practitioner already has finished and the second practitioner training will start October 10, 2019.

NLP Davao also offers team buildings based on NLP. In the last weekend of July the first team building took place in Eden Nature Resort, Toril. The theme was “The drive to excellence is the key to your future”

Michiel sincerely hopes he can introduce NLP coaching and training in Davao City and on Mindanao so its citizens can also enjoy the benefits on Neuro Linguistic Programming.