december 5, 2019

Team Building

Team Building

Team building days are meant for bonding. Employee’s and employers are joining each other to have a better understanding.

In the opinion of PADAMI TRAINING CENTER one or two team building days should offer something new and challenging to every

PADAMI TRAINING CENTER offers interesting  Team Building plans.

Personal Development (1 or 2 days). 

During two days the participants will learn various Neuro Linguistic Programming tools to improve their lives, relation.

Communication Skills (1 or 2 days). 

Communication skills are important in the world of today. Many people are working in the service sector such as call centers. Learning better communication skills is fun, and it will also increase the sale results of your employee’s. During the team building you will learn how to bypass resistance of your clients by using sophisticated language patterns . On the other hand you will learn patterns that will help to find out what your client really wants. Finally there will be a focus how to be congruent, how to “Walk your Talk.”

Both Personal Development and Communication Skills are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Silva Method and the best of NLP (2 days). 

The Silva Method is the original mind development program where you can learn to actually use the untapped power of your mind to accomplish whatever you desire.

By training the guided Dynamic Meditations you will develop and learn to use your brain in a special way, the way Einstein and many other geniuses are using their brain.

NLP Davao combines the Silva Method with the most effective patterns on Neuro Linguistic Programming . This means you get the best out of the two!

It has been said that Einstein used only 10% of his mind, and the general public uses 3%. And that’s what the Silva Mind Control and NLP is all about: learning to use more of your mind in a more effective manner.

Students report  benefits from the Silva Method like: 

stop smoking, fall asleep without drugs and wake up without clocks, relieve nervousness, stop excessive drinking, memorize long lists, and improve creativity. Other more sophisticated achievements are  the use of dreams to solve problems and detect information that helps to solve problems.

Founded in 1960 with humble beginning self-taught parapsychologist Jose Silva developed ‘Silva Method’ to help his children do better in school and increase their chances of success in life. Since then, this dynamic meditation technique has evolved into a sophisticated mental training program that is offered in seminars in over 129 countries around the world.

Considered the original and most imitated meditation program in the world, the Silva Method teaches students special guided imagery techniques to rewire their subconscious and negative programming, tap into their true potential and achieve their goals.

Silva Method II (2 days). 

When finished Silva Method I, participants can do Silva Method II. Silva Method II contains new and more advance techniques. It is not possible to do SM II without attending SMI.

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