december 4, 2019

Basic Training NLP

NLP Basic Training

During this 4 days training you will learn the basic NLP tools and techniques.

The issues during the training will be:

Rapport: rapport is the basic for a good understanding with the person you are talking with. Rapport creates an atmosphere of trust. 

Modalities and Submodalities: Modalities are our senses Visual, Auditive, Kinestetic, Olfactoric, Gustatoric. (VAKOG). Submodalities are the qualities of each modality. etc.

Submodalities define how you experience inner representations such as memories. Changing the submodalities of a memory will change its impact. Patterns with submodalities are Swish-pattern, Mapping Across.

Anchoring: An Anchor is a external stimulus that triggers a desired internal state in yourself or another. 

Logical Levels: the Logical Levels provide the structure of an experience. They define six levels : environment, behavior, capability or competence, beliefs, identity and spirituality, and are usually visualized as a hierarchy. The Logical Levels is a simple and yet very strong pattern in NLP.

Circle of Excellence / Ring of Fire: An integrated collection of NLP skills to empower your self. To awake the Dragon inside of you. Free your self on the spot. The Circle of Power/Ring of Fire is a combination of Anchoring, Timelines, Submodalities and

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